Part 4- Facebook Messages between @Sugabelly and Mustapha Audu

Part 1 here
Part 2 here
Part 3 here

We received the below via email.... Part 4:

UPDATE: We cropped the Facebook msgs to give you a clearer version, the original version is all the way at the bottom:
Read Part 5 here

Original screenshots:

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  1. These things are unreadable now. Fonts too small

  2. LMAO!!!!!!!! WHAT! this bitch! and she was forming victim?. bitch is obviously obsessed from this messages.

  3. Fam, this is normal yarns when people are seeing each other/fucking. People say all kinds of shit. How does this prove that she wasn't abused and raped?

    1. yes. she was in love. and the screen grabs are conveniently grabbed. some have been cut off. we see parts that might make her look guilty. This was 2008 too.

    2. Normal yans ke?

      From these messages, she appears to be girl who is obsessed, mildly unstable & far too invested in a guy who has moved on.

      It definitely makes any rational person question her story.

  4. She was virtually stalking the boy. He obviously was nt that into her.

  5. I think this screen grabs are just convenient to vindicate Mustapha. I agree she was wrong and obsessed with him. However, this fb messages were post 2007 (17years). If you read her long message, you can sense alot of fear and anger. Shes angry and frustrated wants to lash out but doesn't want loSe him. So there still needs to be an investigation to find out if she was abused

  6. Can you see that they screenshot it to suit musthapher, in fact if nothing the sreenshot only makes me bliv her story more,cus where she wrote that he treats her badly and all sort(which could be refering to d rape)he didn't for once say hw did I treat u bady


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