Part 6- Mustapha Audu defends himself

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Below is part 6:

According to Opinion River, below is an interview with Mustapha Audu:

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  1. Regardless of what you believe is the truth, you have to admit that many people have behaved disgracefully throughout this ordeal.

    I was frightened when I saw rape 'crusaders' condemning this dude as a monster, as a sociopath.

    What happened to innocence until proven guilty? You know, that little legal principle which is only the cornerstone of civilised society!!

    If he is guilty, then he is an evil monster. He should be tried in a court of law & hopefully incarcerated.

    If she is lying, she is a truly malevolent creature. And she herself should be incarcerated!

  2. lier! lier! PANTS ON FIRE!

    1. Learn how to spell dimwit. Judge, accuser and jury

  3. Sugarbelly properly documented this story in her blog....but people need to read beyond 2008 posts. The real gists are in august 2009. ...I think that's were she admitted to sleeping with a certain Namu who was the Audu's friend and an unnamed girl. I strongly believe Sugarbelly needs help. I hope she gets it. There were also posts about Aisha(the wife), randy cousins on both sides and a certain omani woman who sugarbelly claimed was Audus true love and the real reason why he never really loved and treated her well . Again, Sugarbelly needs help. This whole Audu thing messed her up completely. You won't understand until you read those posts from 2009 and 2010. I do not think this is about fame , its vengeance, revenge for being scorned and loosing to a hausa woman simply because she was igbo and christian. You can thank me later.

  4. This makes more sense than hers to be honest

  5. lol...whoever this journalist is, he needs a new job. "Have you ever raped someone before?' what kind of bad investigative journalism is this? What did you expect as a reply?
    Ans: Oh sure , of cos yes, I rape people for a living or what?

    1. Plus the fact that he was bias,he took sides already was he not suppose to question him in a way that if he was lying he would contradict himeslf,but oh well welcome to Nigeria where u cn buy anyone.the interview self is scripted, dude kept emphasizing on been an orphan for pity sake.dnt worry u might escape here on earth but not in heaven.

  6. Ogbeni, in order to clear your good name, release everything you have on her. On social media, we see conversations going back only to 2008. The girl claimed this started from 2007. Release what u have for 2007, let's go from there. This matter is too serious to protect anyone...


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