Part 1- Twitter user @Sugabelly narrates ordeal

Twitter user @Sugabelly narrates ordeal with late Prince Abubakar Audu's sons/nephew to the TL

@Sugabelly narrates ordeal to best friend @Echecrates:

Lotanna i.e. @Sugabelly 

Read Part 2 here 

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  2. That's loud tho! I think we've read this story on twitter before too, sometimes last year

  3. The evil that men do leave after them. It is left for God to decide..

  4. This is so scary. Such sordid details

  5. Sugabelly claims she was scared to tell anybody because he was the son of a governor and the other guy's dad was what the hell..... Does or did she not have parents or other reasonable people around her? I wonder what her parents or siblings would say to her after reading all these details of her escapades. The first should be: After the first time it happened, what did you do? She sounds as if there was never a moment she was away from his presence. If there was, why did she always have to go back? Love? Or was she hypnotized? Don't give me that crap! There was something she was enjoying from the relationship which she didn't mind 'suffering' for. If her narration is all true, the guys are really monsters though. But my point is this: Why did she always have to go back to him? Well, Sugabelly, you went through hell, for real, but you seem to have chosen it for yourself for some reason you have decided not to tell the world.

    1. Trust me you'll have to be in that position to truly understand. I met a similar character to this and couldn't come close to telling my siblings. Shameful and nasty. And he knew where I lived, he could harm me easily and my family, you won't understand the craze! And it's naija, it will happen and nothing will happen to him

  6. LOL! we are supposed to bliv this story? what are we ? 5?

  7. This is a whack fake story.... Why does every controversy revolve around this sugabelly? Every single one... The only explanation is that its all made up

  8. This is some fake ass bs.... Just a big shitty lie.... Why does every controversy revolve around this so called sugabelly? Why is her name always popping up in every thing related to this sub delivery thing? We're not 5 so its going to take more than some fake ass tweets to make us believe this

  9. Emma Oloyo is Amaka Benson's bro in law, no wonder on #emiru2016 he just dey cover face for his wedding. Ewo!!!,amaka the preacher aka mama Micah see Una life, na you bring out your sister leg ooo


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