Part 2- @Echecrates received letter from Audu's Lawyers after sharing @Sugabelly's ordeal on Twitter

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  1. God purnish the lawyers and their rapist client. Let's see how they want to pull his off

  2. Sugabelly claims she was scared to tell anybody because he was the son of a governor and the other guy's dad was what the hell..... Does or did she not have parents or other reasonable people around her? I wonder what her parents or siblings would say to her after reading all these details of her escapades. The first should be: After the first time it happened, what did you do? She sounds as if there was never a moment she was away from his presence. If there was, why did she always have to go back? Love? Or was she hypnotized? Don't give me that crap! There was something she was enjoying from the relationship which she didn't mind 'suffering' for. If her narration is all true, the guys are really monsters though. But my point is this: Why did she always have to go back to him? Well, Sugabelly, you went through hell, for real, but you seem to have chosen it for yourself for some reason you have decided not to tell the world.

    1. I understand your response but you do not know what domestic violence or sexual abuse is like. When you face the sort of trauma that abuse victims face, like she did, it is very difficult to come out of such situations. You accept this as your fate and it becomes a part of you. Also, in this society, when these terrible things do happen to you, you are blamed for it, and this is victim blaming and rape culture, which is exactly what you are doing. Not many Nigerians will actually listen to you and understand this crime instead you would be blamed first, before they take any action. They will definitely say this is your fault. Mind you, this girl was 17 years old at the time, and he was 25, that is child abuse, and non consensual sex with a minor, which is illegal. The man was a predator and this girl was a teenager that was taken advantage of. Plus, when a guy is telling you sweet nothings and you have fallen for him, it is hard to come out of such a 'relationship', because he was not the guy you fell in love with in the first place. You feel he can change and then you stick around. If you read the screenshots again, she said she loved him and hoped by obeying him he would be good to her again. He was using force and violence to control her, and if he she didn't behave he would attack her. If you can assume she was enjoying something and that's why she never left, then you could easily assume that he may have threatened to tell people stuff or her family what was happening just to spoil her image. Honestly, your comment is actually silly, you see the power this man's family has, and you know how political power operates in Nigeria. Do not jump to conclusions and speak carelessly again, especially on something as sensitive as rape and violence against women. I suggest you check out 'battered women's syndrome', just to get an idea of what abuse really is and what it means for women. If you have not experienced rape, then you are not experienced enough to determine what someone should have done.

  3. See the kind blood money Afe Babalola dey make?
    Must a lawyer accept every case that comes his way?

  4. It is Horrible the way people sit and think ... Do you think she wouldn't have come out if she could? She was only 17years... Women twice that age find it almost impossible to come out abusive relationships.. even talk to people about what they're going through.. how much more a 17yr old? I am really amazed how minds work! It's so sad!

  5. If the lawyer no accept am, wetin e go chop? The law is an ass, abi na lawyers be asses? I don't know mhen. But one thing I know is that this our country called Nigeria will get to a point when it will refuse to accept these madmen called leaders. When I talk about Nigeria, I do not mean the nearly 1 million square kilometres of landmass, but the nearly 200 million men, women and children who suffer everyday because of mal-administration, mis-direction and ineptitude of our so-called leaders. These abusers of our commonwealth will have no where to hide. When that day comes, even the very elect will shiver.


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