Instagram Drama

From my understanding, Instagram user: 87n17 allegedly played another instagram user- itsmrsue (i'm sure this is an account she created just to taunt him). 
She shared their conversation on instagram and tagged 87n17's girlfriend's friends.

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  1. Hopeless generation

  2. All I see are just greedy girls...who dsnt know this 87N17 guy is a bloody ritualist those who know know and its girls he uses for his money hiding under yahoo hin own don pass yahoo I know d dude so well wuld have used my handle to write bout him but I don't want unnecessary mentions his twitter handle is @ipreachmoney dunno if hes active or not dude will just be with you for a short period of time after using her good fortune he go dump u and look for his next prey...if u wanna know the real gist let me know

    1. What real gist are you talking about? Why go about calling someone a ritualist? Did he use you or your mother or sisters for ritual. If you had the guts u would have used ur real account fool. And see if u won't end up in jail. Jobless fools.


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