SDM Soiree- The List of Pairs

Ok guys, a few things before you contact the person you've been paired with:

1. Ladies, due to the overwhelming response from men, most of you have been paired with more than one guy- exciting yeah? lol..expect to be contacted by more than one guy

2. Men please contact the ladies- Please contact only the ladies you have been paired with. Ladies, kindly ignore anyone whom you were not paired with. 

(Ladies, if your body is doing you but the man/men you were paired with hasn't/haven't contacted you, please go ahead and contact him/them)

3. When you start chatting like when you have been contacted/received a reply, tweet this "#SDMSoiree: Activated"

4. Use the hashtag '#SDMSoiree' whenever you want to sub the person/people you're chatting with. 

5. REMEMBER: DO NOT REVEAL YOUR IDENTITY UNTIL APRIL 15TH. Identity- Name, your picture, etc.....(you can tell your age/location tho)
Truecaller can search all the numbers...but who u dey do?...the idea behind this is to be anonymous for as long as you can/till the 15th of's all for fun! 

6. If you cannot find your number on the list, you did not include all the information required- age, location etc. OR you provided the required information late. Sorry.

7. Read this again

8. Have FUN!!!

Male                                                                    Female 

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  1. Please i think you should inform your followers that the numbers appear clearer in the web version of this site. The numbers are difficult to make out in the mobile version. It's hard to differentiate between 5 and 6 in the mobile version. So they should use the web version.


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