WE SPEND 10GB of DATA PER DAY TO RUN #TrailerJamShow - Duo behind @TrailerJamShow


The term "Trailer Jam" has been an existing Twitter phenomenon for quite a while.

It's genesis is rooted in the hashtag #iWasInMyHouseAndTrailerCameToJamMe, a tag which originated from Twitter Nigeria to indicate waggish clap backs.

It later went on to become a multinational trend with numerous variants. In fact, due to the viral nature of the tag, artistes such as Olamide Baddo had no choice but to refer to it on a song.

 Early this year, a duo of Nigerian twitter personalities took "Trailer Jam" to another level by creating an official account for posting sensational clap backs on Twitter and named it @TrailerJamShow.

The twitter account was well received and it has since then enjoyed exponential growth in fans and followers across the globe.

 This grand reception pioneered the establishment of sister-accounts on other social media platforms like Instagram & also gave room for imitation of the concept by other social media users.

 Since its creation, the brand has endured many controversies, one of which is the "Twitter Orubebe" calumny aimed at a famous Nigerian blogger & political commentator. An attack that led to reprisals which saw conspiracy theorists devising faux assertions that its admins were being partisan, enjoying sponsorship from a political "godfather".

 In a quest to find out the amount of effort being put into running the brand by Vanguard newspaper, the duo explained how exhausting it is satisfying their followers daily.

 One of them said "It's really tasking. We get a lot of materials daily via email & direct message to post, which we have to vet.

We also do our own surveillance to gather as many interesting trailer jams as possible". He further added "It costs us approximately 10Gigabytes of data daily to work on the Twitter and Instagram accounts." It is really amazing to know how much exertion and time is spent in trying to bring comical relief to the corridors of social media.

We hope the appreciation they get absolutely borders on their hard work and toils.
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