SDM Soiree- Valentine Edition

- It took me 3 hours to compile this list so PLEASE DO NOT DM me about any complains relating to this game, I will insult you...Just as you didn't force me to do the game so did i not force you to play.

- If you do not see your number on the list, you either didn't send all the info needed or you're under 21(guys) OR I didn't receive your information. PLEASE DONT DM ME! If anything is wrong just forget the game, it's not by force...PLEASE DONT DM ME!

- It will be wise to REMOVE YOUR PICTURE FROM WHATSAPP if you really want to play this game well but it's up to you. 

- Read all the information below and enjoy.

Ok guys, a few things before you contact the person you've been paired with:

1. Ladies, due to the overwhelming response from men, most of you have been paired with more than one guy- exciting yeah? lol..expect to be contacted by more than one guy

2. Men please contact the ladies- Please contact only the ladies you have been paired with. Ladies, kindly ignore anyone whom you were not paired with. 

(Ladies, if your body is doing you but the man/men you were paired with hasn't/haven't contacted you, please go ahead and contact him/them)

3. When you start chatting like when you have been contacted/received a reply, tweet this "#SDMSoiree: Activated"

4. Use the hashtag '#SDMSoiree' whenever you want to sub the person/people you're chatting with. 

5. REMEMBER: DO NOT REVEAL YOUR IDENTITY UNTIL February 14th.... Identity- Name, your picture, etc.....(you can tell your age/location tho)
Truecaller can search all the numbers...but who u dey do?...the idea behind this is to be anonymous for as long as you can/until February's all for fun so if you wan use TrueCaller spoil your fun, Wetin consign me....

6. If you cannot find your number on the list, you did not include all the information required- age, location etc. OR you provided the required information late. OR you're a 20 or 21 year old male...sorry not a lot of girls under 20 joined the game so no one to match you with. Eeyah 

7. Read this again

8. Have FUN!!!

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