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Interview with Sub Delivery Man
  1. Where are you? Lol suspended from running the honorable @SubDeliveryMan on twitter but if you mean my location, I'm all the way in U.S. 
  2. Wait, you don't live in Nigeria? No, I've actually never lived in Nigeria but I visited back in 2008 for my granddad's burial. I will be visiting end of this year 
  3. Ok the interview just started and you're already confusing me, are you even Nigerian? lol yes, I am Nigerian but let me tell you the little twist- my mom is what they call "half cast" lmao... she's Nigerian and white American- born in US but moved to Warri when she was about 5 years old then relocated back to US when she married my dad (who is full Nigerian). 
  4. So Sub Delivery Man is mixed?  "Quarter cast" lmfaoo 
  5. If you've never been to Nigeria, how do you then know how to speak pigin? I just told you my mom is from Warri, she and her siblings speak it a lot that's how I picked it up and I have a lot of Nigerian friends who speak pigin all the time. 
  6. Why were you suspended? lol I'm not really sure why but I know it was long overdue. Lol I mean I'm 99% sure that account was reported for one reason or the other every single week (if not every single Day) for 3 years. 
  7. Which tweet do you think was the last straw for twitter? Honestly, I have no idea, I'll love to know though
  8. Are you ever going to come back? Well hmm, the account may be back but I will not be the one running it because I just can't anymore- I have a lot (of great stuff) on my plate that'll hinder me from running the account efficiently. In fact, back in February I started "training" someone else to take over the account come June 1st but then May 14th happened (the account got suspended). 
  9. So it would have been someone else running the account starting June 1st? Would you have told us? Yes and of course Yes, I would have told everyone.
  10. Why didn't you just create another account after the suspension? And what about your website? TBH, the other guy who was in training to take over June 1st, really wanted me to create another account but I saw the suspension as a sign lool- I felt God wanted me to let the account go if I won't run it myself. Honestly, I feel bad for the guy because he was really gingered/excited to take over the account. As for my website, I may have him compile all the subs and drama per day or week and post it on the website for people to enjoy....haven't made up my mind about this yet. 
  11. Do you have a personal account you are currently using to tweet? I have a personal account but I tweet like once every 3 months. I kind of abandoned it after I created SubDeliveryMan back in 2014. 
  12. Ok so now that SDM has been suspended, do you use it frequently now? Frequently? No, like I tweet and RT every week though but max one tweet or two tweets/RTs a day. 
  13. How did this all start? I mean subdeliveryman? Busy body started it all, the need to compile all the subliminal messages and drama on one TL made me start it but after I realized people loved and religiously followed the account, I decided to use it to do good as well
  14. You did good? Lol yes! I was able to do some monetary giveaways from time to time, that made me happy. 
  15. Are you the one running @ThirstDelivery and @JobDeliveryMan? No, I am not 
  16. But you own them? Yes, I do. People should follow both accounts because unlike @SubDeliveryMan, they do more good than harm :D
  17. So if your account returns in for example, 3 months time, what will happen? I'll most likely just deactivate it lol..."most likely" ....not saying I will definitely deactivate it because that guy may come and plead his case to run it OR someone may offer me $1million to sell the account LOL
  18. Do you have any regrets in running the account? No, none whatsoever, I enjoyed every bit of it. 
  19. How many people were behind the account? Just one- me. I created the account in 2014 and ran it alone from 2014-2016, in 2016 I brought one person on board who ran it with me for about 10months, during the course of that 10months, I brought about 4 other people (one at a time not all 4 at the same time) to run the account but it just wasn't working so by October 2016, I let everyone go and started running it alone again.
  20. You basically ran it alone for the most part, you had a lot of time on your hands then? Lol hm yes
  21. So how did you have a normal life? Since you basically spent 24hours on twitter? lol 24hours? Even you know that's impossible.. But yeah I had a perfectly normal life, I find it odd that other people spend hours on twitter and they accomplish a lot offline but people think it's impossible for me to do the same, I am doing very very well off twitter- I have accomplished more than many can imagine and for my age? I'm very proud of myself, @SubDeliveryMan was just a guilty pleasure. It did nothing to hinder my success in life. 
  22. You used to say @SubDeliveryMan was your full time job naw? LOL all jokes.
  23. Did you make money from running that account? Yes, I made a lot of money. I did some advertising for some people/companies. 
  24. It must be painful for that source of income to be cut short though? Not really. Every single dime I made off @SubDeliveryMan, I used as giveaways- I gave all out to those in need so I didn't really see the money made from the account as income but I saw it as a wonderful opportunity to help those in need.
  25. Wow, I am starting to see you on a different light, so you gave out all you made? Yes, as well as some of my personal money not made through the account. It was a pleasure helping people and I'm not saying this to win points but it really was. 
  26. How were you able to get the money from those who did business with you and how were you able to send money to those who needed it with your account? I obviously don't have a Nigerian account because I don't live there so I did 2 things: 1. I had a middle man with a Nigerian account who'll receive the funds from advertisers and help transfer to those in need. OR 2. If the money was small, I had the advertisers transfer the money directly to those in need (so I'll just ask the TL for anyone who needs money, pick someone, get their account details and send to the person or company that wants to advertise to pay the money into said account). 
  27. Wasn't your middleman scared to do this for you and weren't you scared he will run away with your money? Honestly, I think he figured what he was doing was just a job- he got paid to collect and transfer money and no, I wasn't scared- the guy seemed trustworthy from the jump. God bless you G
  28. What was the biggest lesson you learnt from running it then? Biggest lesson I learnt was and still is that a lot of people don't have genuine friends and that's unfortunate. 
  29. So who is SubDeliveryMan? Lol just as Gossip Girl turned out to be a man, I'm following protocol, SubDeliveryMan is a girl in her 20s, I'm 24. Very few of you suspected I was a girl but yeah you were right. What's my name? That's something I'll never tell. I've told you my location, age and gender. That's enough.
  30. WOW! Does anyone know who you are? Will you ever show your face? No & Never! I'm taking this one to the grave. Nobody will ever know who was behind the account @SubDeliveryMan. Take your wild guesses but you will never get it. Bye! :D
If you've got more questions: https://curiouscat.me/subdeliveryman
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